Yoga Teacher Internship Program

Why do you need to enroll yourself in a yoga teacher internship program?

First of all you have to decide the kind of yoga want to learn and teach others. There are several types yoga for eg. Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Power Yoga, Sivananda Yoga & Yin Yoga and it is not possible to lean each of them at once and practice them at all once. It is a gradual learning curve, the profession you can master only through time and practice.

Yoga Teacher Training Internship Program

This profession similar to any other profession…..

Like any other profession, you should keep developing yourself. You can advance through learning new techniques. Practicing them yourself and teaching others in the same way. You can do this immediately after your 200hour yoga teacher training in the same studio by teaching beginners. You can deepen your teaching practice in Yoga Anatomy, Philosophy, and Physiology by teaching the same in our beginner level regular studio classes. In the end you will discover your own unique style of teaching and you will also gain confidence teaching others.

Learning from our expert instructors will also help you to discover the type of poses good for you to teach as well as good for your health. During your entire Yoga Teacher internship program you will be well guided and supported by our experienced yoga teachers. In the end you will find your own unique style of teaching and you will be able write your own Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus and design your own 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

Bodhi Yoga Center Yoga Teacher Internship Program

We are looking for interns…..

Bodhi Yoga Center is currently looking for new interns who would love to learn different aspects of running a yoga studio from the scratch. If you dream of opening your own yoga studio someday, or you are looking to enhance your personal yoga practice, this internship could be the perfect choice for you.

Of course!! you will paid on hourly basis, and you will be provided accommodation for the same during your yoga teacher internship program.

Yoga Internship Program in Philippines

Your responsibilities will include!

·         Opening & Closing the Studio for our Regular Yoga & Yoga Teacher Training classes.

·         Setting the studio for the class

·         Preparing & arranging the studio for the class

·         Taking care of new checked in students

·         Providing them necessary kits (Yoga)

·         Assisting them if they need anything

·         Promoting the studio on social networking media

·         Cleaning the studio after class

·         Assisting Teachers during 200 hour Yoga teacher training


Yoga teacher training internship program

Qualification Required for Yoga Teacher Internship Program:-

  • He/She must have 200 hour teacher training certificate (RYT-200) from a Yoga Alliance USA registered school (RYS-200).
  • Proficient in social media networking
  • Computer Skills
  • Willingness to learn more

 Upon completion of this internship, you will receive a Yoga Teacher Training internship certificate with your roles & responsibilities here and a massive knowledge about Yoga business.     

To know more about us Click Here  https://bodhiyogacenter.com/

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