Location & Accommodations

General Santos City

Our weekends are for rest and relaxation by the beautiful blue waters of Sarangani Bay or the landscapes of South Cotabato. Enjoy some down time sunbathing or practice asanas by the white sand beach.

Take a million photos. Go swimming, snorkeling or even learn scuba diving to experience a whole new world underwater.


Lotus Shores Siargao – Nestled in the jungles of the wave-fringed island that is Siargao, we are given the sacred opportunity to practice deep listening and find deep rest. Preserving as much of the natural landscape, the retreat features large gardens, open spaces and architecture inspired by a combination of traditional and minimalist styles. The dedicated spaces for practice (Durga Temple and Yoga Dojo) and communal areas (Kali Ma Cafe & Restaurant) hold a grandeur that leads the mind towards the infinite. The comfortable and minimalist interior of the accommodation inspire clarity of mind and and the inward turning of one’s awareness.

Lotus Shores is a space where visitors can experience the healing power of the island and the warmth and light-hearted spirit of the Filipino people, in a way that inspires and supports the unfolding of our higher identity: as the compassionate, loving, blissful observer of this beautiful Lila (divine, cosmic play).

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