How to select right yoga teacher training school?

See the below step by step guide on how to choose the right yoga teacher training school?

1. Certification

Yoga Teacher Training Course
Yoga Alliance Registered School

The school shall be registered with Yoga Alliance USA and should have at least RYS-200 certificate. RYS-200 is similar to having an ISO – 9001 certification standard for any institution. Yoga Alliance performs standard review of the institution every year if all the standards are met. Yoga Alliance has a set structure for all Registered Yoga School on how to conduct 200 hour Yoga teacher training. Know more about our certifications and our training program.

Secondly, Most of the yoga studios only want to hire those teachers who are RYT-200, the certification you can only get after completing your training from RYS-200. So, it is best to choose that is RYS-200 Yoga Alliance certified.

2. Guru/Teacher

Yoga Teacher
Expertise in Hatha & Vinyasa style

Teacher (Guru)Choose a teacher with at least 3 years of experience in teaching yoga, this can be verified from the blogs and post he/she is putting on his website and social media. Check for the reviews on its Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.Photos, videos and updates on social media give important information about the teacher and her teaching experience. Know more about our teachers

If you are still not sure take some regular studio classes conducted by the teacher and get to know her teaching style and depth of her knowledge.

3. Syllabus

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SyllabusAssess the course with hours of training per day so you will understand the intensity of the class, it should not be at a high pace that you are not able to grasp what is taught because of time constrained and intensity should not be low enough to keep you distracted for the entire yoga teacher training course.What kind of subjects and hours dedicated to them and most importantly is it inline with Yoga Alliance syllabus. Understand the syllabus after figuring out the hours dedicated to Yoga Philosophy, history, practicum, posture, & anatomy class.

DisciplineTry to find out how disciplined is the teaching staff and their class handling capabilities after attending the regular studio classes offered by the same institution. Keep in mind the same discipline and commitment is expected from your side as this training needs your attention for 200 hours so you shouldn’t be distracted mentally and physically

Check our schedule and Timetable of Yoga teacher training.


4. Cost/Tuition Fee


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Philippines



Yoga teacher training is an expensive training; it depends on lot of factors besides teaching and teachers.

Where is the location of the training center?
What is included in the training?
What type of meals and accommodation is provided?
Is any early bird offer available?

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Is there any Interns hip program in place after yoga teacher training?

How much will be travel expense?

Do they have special workshops?

Where it is located ? (Country And location of the yoga centre)

Check out our Tuition Fee here

Note :- Best way is to compare with its peers in the same region and at also at the global domain.

Strength of classAsk the Yoga teacher Training organisers about the strength of the class. More the number of students less special attention you will receive. Sometimes in order to make course cheaper they increase the number of students to an extent that it is even difficult to extend your arms and legs to perform yoga spaces and you are cramped for space in a big hall with lot of students.

TimingThe teacher training timing should be as per your requirement that suits your schedule because if it doesn’t you will never have the right flow and you will always get distracted because things going around your life. This course needs your mental and physical attention hence your 100% commitment is required from your side.


Yoga Teacher Training in the Philippines


Hope above information helps.

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Date – 28/06/2018

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