Bodhi 8 Limbs Challenge for Instagram

image This yoga month of June, in our quest to promote Yoga as a HOLISTIC approach to health, we are launching the #Bodhi8LimbsChallenge on Instagram. This challenge will start on the first of June and end on the eighth of June with the theme – yes, you guessed it – The Eight Limbs of Yoga!


1st prize: 1 month membership + 1 YogaRat RatMat Classic Yoga Mat image

2nd prize: 1 month membership + 1 Anti-skid Yoga Towel image

3rd prize: 1 month membership image And because we want everyone to win, ALL those who COMPLETE the 8-day challenge will have their next 5 sessions with Bodhi Yoga Center for free! 🙂


1.) Participants will have to post at least one photo on Instagram representing the Limb of yoga for that day. You are free to exercise your creativity. Please use only original photos. It can be a photo of yourself or a photo that you took. The daily themes / 8 Limbs of Yoga are:

Day 1. Yama
Day 2. Niyama
Day 3. Asana
Day 4. Pranayama
Day 5. Pratyahara
Day 6. Dharana
Day 7. Dhyana
Day 8. Samadhi

I’ll be posting a separate entry for the description of each Limb.

2.) Caption the photo with your own words about your yoga journey. Be inspiring, captivating, and most importantly, BE REAL. Add ALL of the following hashtags to your photo:

#Bodhi8LimbsChallenge #Bodhi8LimbsYOURNAME #BodhiYogaCenter #YogaGensan #YogaPhilippines #LiveYourYoga That’s 6 hashtags that you need to include. For your convenience, you can just copy-paste them directly to your caption. Remember to add your name to the second hashtag though. 🙂

3.) Add the official Bodhi Yoga Center location on your photo. It should be the one containing this address:

025 A. Ramos St., General Santos City

4.) Tag @bodhiyogacenter and 5 of your friends in every photo to spread inspiration and good vibes!!! Good luck, have fun, be real and don’t overthink! Invite your friends to participate. Chances are, they are already practicing yoga without even knowing (because yoga is not just about doing funky postures)!! We will announce the winners on Wednesday, June 10, 2015.

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