HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! May you have the best year of your life yet.

And if you haven’t made any resolutions for 2015, that’s great! Don’t set resolutions. Resolutions are like promises that are made to be forgotten. It doesn’t matter if it’s the start of a new year, or the middle of a mundane month, if you are not committed to work on your plans and goals, then they will remain as mere plans and goals.

Only you can decide what you think is best for your life. You may be in a cloud of confusion as to which path is truly meant for you. If this is the case, always choose the path of kindness and compassion. Believe that kindness pays off in wonderful ways. Kindness is what the world needs. Be the one who gives the world what it needs.

If you choose the path of kindness, know that before you can be kind to anyone or anything else, you must first be kind to yourself. Be kind enough to give yourself what is good for you – for your body, your mind, and your soul.

To be kind to yourself is to nourish your physical body with enough food, enough activity, enough rest, enough fun, and enough work. Yes, “enough” is emphasized. Not little, not much. Just enough. 

Engage in activities that are good for the mind. Read an informative book. Sit in silence. Meditate. Remember mind over matter. You are what your mind says you are. Be sure your mind says you are capable. And you are enough.

Take care of your soul. Fuel your passion. Life is only worth living if you have something to live for. Again, if you have no idea what you’re passionate about, be passionate about being kind. Be encouraging. Be loving. The world will thank you for it.

Sometimes, showing kindness is easier said than done. And if at times, you impulsively become unkind, be kind enough to forgive yourself. It is often through conflict that you get to know yourself better. The more you get to know yourself, the easier it will be to make life-changing decisions.

Kindness to yourself also means trusting yourself. Trust that you are capable of kindness. Because you are. You just have to believe it. And when you finally choose this path of kindness, you will realize that the world is becoming kind to you as well.

Happy 2015! 🙂

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