Whether you are a neophyte to the practice of yoga and mindfulness, a seasoned practitioner who needs an extra push, or a budding yoga teacher in need of some professional coaching, the guidance you will receive from a mentor will be valuable to your life in the long run.

Mentors often see parts of us that we so often overlook – our strengths, skills and areas for improvement. Having a mentor walk alongside us gives us the encouragement and guidance that we need to take the next step forward.

This space is dedicated for practitioners who are ready to receive direct and personalized guidance from our faculty at Bodhi Yoga Center.

Specialized Guidance

Students will receive customized guidance in their chosen areas of interest. Below are some of the topics which we specialize. The student may choose from these topics. However, depending on what transpires during the pre-mentoring interview, the mentor will personalize the program to the student’s specific needs.

LevelTopic of InterestSuggested Duration
All LevelsYoga and Mindfulness for a Better Quality of Life5 sessions
All LevelsAnatomy of the Breath1 session
All LevelsAlignment of Foundational Yoga Postures1 session
All LevelsEnhancing Focus and Self-awareness3 sessions

Program Structure

Pre-Mentoring Interview: Prior to the commencement of mentoring, the student will need to answer a series of questions to help us optimize and design their program. Depending on how much detail the students provide, we might need to schedule a pre-mentoring call just to ensure that the mentor and student are on the same page.

Mentoring Session: All sessions will be done online via video conference. Depending on the topic of interest, a session might involve a lecture, discussion, yoga practice, meditation, or a combination of these components. Ideally, mentoring sessions should be done once a week until the learning objective as been achieved.

Post-Session Assignments: The student will be made aware of the specific learning objectives of each session. After each session, the mentor will be assigning activities and exercises for the student to fulfill before the next scheduled session. The purpose of these assignments is to ensure the mindful integration of the concepts discussed to the student’s daily practice.

Post-Mentoring Evaluation: After the final mentoring session, an honest and constructive post-mentoring evaluation will be conducted for both the mentor and student. This will help elevate the quality of the mentoring program for future students.

Duration and Energy Exchange

The total duration of a mentoring program will depend on what transpires during the pre-mentoring interview. However, the student may already choose how many sessions to schedule. The student and mentor may discuss how they want to exchange energies during this program. It may be in the form of currency, goods for trade, or skill share. Whichever energy exchange is decided, it must be fair and commensurate for the services provided, and both the mentor and student must agree to the exchange.

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.

— Steven Spielberg

At the end of the day, a mentor is someone who will offer guidance and encouragement. But the actual work needs to be done by the student. Are you ready to take the next step?

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