Online Yoga Teacher Training (200-hours)

As we face these unprecedented times and learn to live with the new normal, we at Bodhi Yoga Center are trying to find ways to extend our offerings beyond the usual space of our yoga studio. After much planning and deliberation, we are now fully prepared to offer an Online Yoga Teacher Training.

Course Highlights

100% Online All classes are done online, so they are available to you wherever in the world you may be.
Intimate Class SizeNavigating the online world of teaching yoga can be tricky, especially in providing individualized instructions while looking at the screen. To ensure that don’t compromise the quality of individualized guidance, we limit the class size to a maximum of only 8 students.
One-on-one Coaching with Senior InstructorEach student will have an opportunity to have a one-on-one coaching session with the Senior Instructor to supplement online yoga practice sessions and discussions. During this one-on-one, the Senior Instructor will be providing invaluable feedback to nurture a trainee’s own practice, as well as his or her teaching skills.
200-hours of LIVE ClassesAll yoga practice sessions and discussion sessions are done LIVE daily to ensure a well-facilitated learning environment. Whenever you have questions, your senior instructor is always available to answer them in class.
Yoga Alliance RegisteredYoga Alliance has provisioned online delivery of Yoga Teacher Training Courses and advised for sessions to be done live. By delivering this course online, Bodhi’s Yoga Teacher Training is compliant with all the guidelines set by Yoga Alliance and trainees can register themselves with YA after graduation.

Course Curriculum

Techniques, Training and Practice (100 hours)As yoga teachers, it is our duty to teach practices and techniques that we personally know from our own experience. This allows for more meaningful ways to convey instruction and offer personalized adjustments. To cement this experiential learning, our teacher training program offers intensive practice sessions twice a day. We dedicate at least four hours of every training day in developing your own yoga practice.
Yoga Anatomy (30 hours)This module tackles the structure and function of the human body, particularly the relationship of the breath and the spine in different physical movements. This course distinguishes yoga practice from calisthenics or gymnastics by emphasizing the incorporation of breath, movement and mindfulness. In this module, the relationship of the subtle energies to the physical body shall also be discussed.
Yoga Philosophy (30 hours)Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics revisits the ancient roots of modern yoga. Popular yogic texts shall be discussed in context and contrast with the modern world. Lifestyle of yogis and ethics of yoga teachers shall also be discussed in detail. We believe that we can learn from every one, so this module presents our trainees the opportunity to share their thoughts and beliefs in life to foster a healthy and progressive discussion.
Teaching Methodology (30 hours)Teaching Methodology module takes on different elements of teaching such as creating a safe space for self-exploration, crafting sequences of asanas and pranayama practices, cuing students in their process of refinement, offering practical guidance in meditation, and offering examples for extending the practice off the mat. Find a purpose for your yoga practice and define a suitable path for your journey. Identify rewards and anticipate consequences of being a yoga teacher. Develop fundamental entrepreneurial skills to make your yoga career sustainable.
Practicum (10 hours)Experience creating and leading your own class as a yoga teacher. Create a Youtube channel to record your practice videos.

Dates & Availability

Course Date: September 7 to October 26, 2020
Course Orientation: September 4, 2020, 7:00 PM
Course Capacity: 8 students

Class Schedule:
5:00 – 7:00 AM – Techniques, Training & Practice
7:00 – 9:00 PM – Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy & Teaching Methodology

Duration: 4 hours daily for 50 days
Mode of Delivery: Online via Zoom

Course Investment & Payment Plans

Regular Rate: Php 55,000
Early Bird Rate: Php 50,000 (deadline: August 7, 2020)
Inclusions: All training sessions, course notes, digital copies of textbooks, one-on-one session with Senior Instructor

Flexible payment plans are available to those who might need it. Please contact us at

As a gift, our Bodhi Alumni are free to sit in our online sessions. Just let us know you’re joining in so we can share with your our meeting links.

To inquire about the course or to confirm your spot, please send us an e-mail: Once you’re ready to officially apply, kindly use the link below to fill-up the application form 🙏🕉