Leona Dinopol, E-RYT
Lead Trainer & Founder of Bodhi Yoga Center


Leona is a Registered Yoga Teacher from the Philippines. Groomed by her parents to become a future entrepreneur, she finished business school and dabbled into the business world in her early twenties. Frustrated that she could find no sense of fulfillment with the daily grind, she discovered her practice after a yoga studio opened up nearby.

She initially took up yoga as a hobby that slowly evolved to become her passion. She found herself sharing more about her practice to anyone who cared to listen. In her quest for deeper understanding of the practice, she traveled to India where she took her Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. That following year, she finally opened her own yoga center in her Philippine hometown, General Santos City. Her vision is to create a safe and sustainable community by harnessing the power of yoga to bring people in harmony with themselves and their surroundings.

Her yoga practice has slowly and gradually evolved from a physical endeavor into something more of a spiritual journey. She began to explore different methods of meditation and found comfort in the Vipassana tradition, the art of seeing things as they are.

Not only have yoga and meditation given her a sense of purpose, it was also through her practice that her perspectives in life changed. She finally learned to be more open and accepting of the present circumstances.

“Yoga is a way of life. It’s not just a weight-loss program. It’s the whole nine yards. With how I understand it, it’s completely surrendering to something bigger than yourself. It is adhering to the laws of this land in order to coexist with other beings in perfect harmony. It’s being aware of our thoughts, words, and actions at all times to ensure we do not hurt ourselves and others. It’s taking care of our physical being, knowing that the body is the instrument to reach our own divinities. It’s not giving in to temptations of greed and indolence. It’s focusing our mind to achieve our goals. It’s directing our energies into great and positive things.” ~Leona Dinopol


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