At Bodhi Yoga Center, we believe that yoga is a lifestyle and that our practice doesn’t end when we leave the mat or the studio. We practice our yogic values in the way we work and play. And we take fun very seriously.

Spend a month-long immersion in the heart of laid-back General Santos City in Southern Philippines. Spend weekends (and maybe some weekdays) learning theory or practicing vinyasa or acroyoga by the white sand beaches of Sarangani Bay. Do water activities in your spare time such as scuba diving or snorkeling.

Sure, fun is there. But when we work, we work hard. We train from sunrise to sunset, studying a comprehensive syllabus to ensure that our trainees become compassionate and competent yoga teachers after graduation.

Whether you have the calling to teach others, or you are simply exploring your own practice, anyone can benefit from learning safe and correct methods to practice yoga postures, breathing, cleansing techniques and meditation. Appreciate from an anatomical standpoint how these practices affect our physical and mental state. Learn how to modify postures to fit any type of body, and know that Yoga is indeed for everyone. Understand the correlation between the physical practice and the underlying philosophy and truly see that yoga is all-encompassing – it is life as we know it.

BODHI YOGA CENTER Yoga Teacher Training (200 hrs)

Date: August 6-31, 2018

Location: Bodhi Yoga Center, 025 A. Ramos Street corner Quirino Avenue, General Santos City, SOX, Philippines

Course Fee: includes airport transfers, welcome kit (canvas tote bag, journal, Bodhi shirt, water bottle), textbook and Yoga Alliance certificate

Php 45,000 (non-residential)

Php 65,000 (shared room)

Php 75,000 (private room)

We understand that taking a month-long training is a big decision! We want you to know that we’re here to listen. If you have any queries or conflicts about this program, we would be happy to hear them. Please let us know by using the form below.


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