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Bodhi Yoga Center

Yoga Alliance Registered RYS 200  Yoga Teacher Training Course in the Philippines

Weekend Excursion Acro-Yoga on Beach (Yoga Teacher Training in Philippines)
Performing Acro-Yoga at Sarangani white sand beach (Yoga Teacher Training in Philippines)

About Us

Bodhi Yoga Center is a registered Yoga Teacher Training School with Yoga Alliance – USA. We conduct 200-hour residential Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses. We also offer beginner, intermediate, advanced yoga classes and retreats in General Santos City, Philippines.

Established in 2012, Bodhi Yoga Center is a RYS 200 registered yoga teacher training school. Our aim is to spread awareness of the wonderful benefits of yoga. In doing so, we believe in teaching with compassion to ensure the safety and sustainability of the practice. We believe that yoga is a lifestyle and that our practice doesn’t end when we leave the mat or the studio. We practice our yogic values in the way we work and play.

Registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training School

Registered yoga school 200 (RYS-200) is a school eligible to offer 200 hour yoga teacher training to beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners around the world. Bodhi Yoga Center is RYS-200.

Once you complete this training, you can register yourself as with Yoga Alliance USA as RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher)

Why Yoga?

Yoga is the practice of silencing the fluctuations of the mind. When we practice yoga, the ultimate goal is to remain equanimous or undisturbed, despite the challenges or difficulties faced in real life.

We believe that through yogic practices and meditation, we can awaken the values of compassion and self-love. Thus, through yoga, we can overcome prejudice and violence. We aim to spread awareness of yogic values in the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao.

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Why Us?

We offer 26 days, 200 hour Yoga teacher training course at a very competitive and affordable price at international domain.

This yoga teacher training course not only helps students to develop a better understanding of Yoga. It also assists them in generating new ideas in all domains of yogic practice. This course offers participants an opportunity to become a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200) under the Yoga Alliance.

We never crowd our classes. We restrict them to a maximum of 12 participants. So we can focus on each individual personally, giving them the paramount experience of Yoga Teacher Training. This also ensures that each participant is given ample time to practice and refine the skills being taught in training.

Why General Santos City?

Bodhi Yoga Center is located in General Santos City, a quaint town in Southern Mindanao known for its abundant marine life and laid-back lifestyle. Our main basin is the Sarangani Bay, and around it lay magnificent white sand beaches and majestic hills.

The tuition fee includes free weekend excursions from Bodhi Yoga Center, you can enjoy learning theory or practicing vinyasa or acroyoga by the white sand beaches of Sarangani Bay.

It is our aim to have all our graduates pass our Teaching Readiness Examination, composed of written and demonstrative components to thoroughly evaluate participants preparedness to teach yogic principles and practices.

Yoga teacher training internship program

Those who graduate from our yoga teacher training have the opportunity to join us as an intern yoga teacher. Interns will be handling their own yoga classes and will be provided feedback and further guidance as needed.

To know more about our internship program Click here

Working Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 8 PM

Saturday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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Bodhi Yoga Center
Bodhi Yoga Center was Established on 7th July 2012 and it is a registered Yoga Alliance – USA, Yoga Teacher Training School RYS-200 . We conduct 200-hour residential Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses (RYT-200). We also offer beginner, intermediate, advanced yoga classes and retreats in Philippines.
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