Yoga Essentials Study Retreat

Yoga Essentials Course

The Essentials of Yoga in a Week-long Nutshell

Are you somebody who wishes to delve deeper into the essentials of yoga but not necessarily for teaching others?

We understand that teacher training courses can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if you are still on the process of knowing your practice better. Not everyone wants to become a teacher. More often than not, students are interested to learn the essential foundations of yoga so that they may apply this wisdom to their own practice. We designed this program to cater especially those who are interested to establish their yogic foundations and principles.

Do you feel lost in yoga class when your teacher asks you to "engage your mula bandha" and "feel all your chakras light up along the spine"?

During this course, we will be unlocking the terminologies you hear in a yoga class which may have been alien to you. We will learn the names of yoga poses in English as well as in Sanskrit. We will familiarize ourselves with the parts of our body in both anatomical and yogic terms.

Do you know the lineage of the practice?

In the study of Yoga Philosophy, we will learn about the history of yoga and how it evolved to be the modern yoga we know today. We will brush up on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and apply its principles to modern life. We will also be learning about the vital life force and how our lifestyle affects the delicate balance of health and disease.

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