Yoga Course for Beginners

This yoga course for beginners is for you if you’re just starting out, or you simply want to dip your toe in the practice. Many of you have been sharing your personal struggles with starting a home yoga practice. And believe me, I get it!

Merely following pre-recorded videos can sometimes be confusing. And we often find ourselves asking:
“Am I doing this right?” 🤔
“Why is it so hard?” 😰
“What does the instructor even mean???” 🤭

Breaking Yoga Postures Down For Beginners And First-Timers

Feel empowered to continue your yoga journey even after finishing the course… because you will already know exactly what to do and how to do it right! 👌👍
You only need enough space for your yoga mat and you’re good to go!

Yoga For Beginners Course Fee: Free For A Limited Time

For a limited time only, we’re sharing these class recordings for free. We started this free Online Mindfulness Academy at the start of the pandemic when everything was closing down, people were losing jobs, and many could genuinely not prioritize paying for yoga classes at a time when they need it most.

you’ve made it this far in reading, then it seems like the online Yoga Course for Beginners is something that you really need! Please use these recordings properly and kindly tag us should you decide to share the videos. 🙏💖

Practice with recorded videos for free

Although you won’t be able to receive personalized guidance in these pre-recorded videos, the beginner-friendly explanations and postural variations will be necessary in establishing a personal yoga practice. Enjoy your practice!

Find more free yoga classes on our Youtube Channel

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