Modern Mindfulness

We all lead extremely busy lives where we are pulled in a million different directions at once. When we don’t practice mindfulness in certain areas of our lives, we become overwhelmed with social, professional, and personal responsibilities. When this happens, our bodies produce stress hormones to help our brains prioritize. Overtime, too much production of these hormones will do us more harm than good.

Psychosomatic Illnesses originate from emotional stress or damaging thought patterns, and progresses with physical symptoms, usually when a person’s immune system is compromised due to stress. One way to help manage the stress that our hectic lifestyles produce is through mindfulness.

Start living a Mindful Life

Join our month-long Modern Mindfulness course and learn life hacks on how to deal with modern-day stress. With the guidance of Teacher Dao, learn meditative movement and breathing techniques that help you relax and combat physical symptoms of stress such as back pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, or even high blood pressure.

Allow your health to flourish and see just how much more energetic and productive you become.

Modern Mindfulness Course
with Teacher Dao

Dates: September 3 to 28, 2019
Time/Day: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Location: Bodhi Yoga Center, Gen. Santos City
Course Fee: Php 2,500

Enrollment Deadline: August 20, 2019

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