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Flow into Freedom: Personalized Private Yoga Class, Practice Consultation and Mentoring Sessions at Bodhi Yoga Center Quezon City

Hi, yogi! If you’re here, you might have stumbled upon the path of yoga. You might have even started practicing with a group of dedicated yogis. But you found us for a reason. You found us because at one point, you wondered if where you are is truly meant to be where you’re supposed to be. At one point, you wondered if there is something more efficient than what you’re doing. Something better suited for you. If you’re looking for personalized, private yoga classes in Quezon City, please read on.

Finally, a yoga class that is designed specifically for you!

You see the thing is, every body has a unique anatomical and physiological design. Not to mention, everyone’s interests also greatly vary. So why do we keep flowing and moving the same way as everyone? Throughout the years, we each have developed our unique habit patterns that influence the way we move or settle down. And a few generic yoga classes won’t change that quite as efficiently as we might hope.

Noticeable changes in our physique and psyche take time and effort! Nothing worth having comes easy. But the good news is, CHANGE is not only possible, CHANGE is INEVITABLE. With proper guidance, you should be able to identify the barriers that prevent you from moving forward in your journey. And no matter where we are in this journey, we keep ourselves grounded, calm and centered.

About Teacher Leona

Leona is a follower of Raja Yoga, a comprehensive system of development for mental discipline and spiritual liberation, for which Hatha Yoga serves as a preparatory practice. As a teacher, she provides instruction for different variations of Hatha Yoga, such as Classical Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin. Leona believes that yoga truly offers a path towards self-love, empathy and liberation from many of this life’s miseries.

After a battle with post-partum depression and an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, she discovered yoga in her early twenties when a studio opened up near her home. Her first experience with yoga was in the Ashtanga tradition. Her yoga practice has slowly and gradually evolved from a physical endeavor into something more of a spiritual journey. She found herself sharing more about her practice to anyone who cared to listen. In early 2014, she enrolled herself in an in-house yoga teacher training program in her local studio to learn more about the practice itself. She discovered different asana variations and, step-by-step, made her way home to Vinyasa Yoga and Classical Hatha.

In her quest for deeper understanding of the practice, she traveled to India where she took her 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. She founded Bodhi Yoga Center in 2015 at age 25, for which her vision was to create a safe and sustainable community by harnessing the power of yoga to bring people in harmony with themselves and their surroundings.

Throughout the years, she signed up for yoga classes and learned many styles from different studios and teachers all over the world. She began to explore different methods of meditation and found comfort in the Vipassana tradition, the art of seeing things as they are. Not only had yoga and meditation given her a sense of purpose, it was also through her practice that her perspectives in life changed. She finally learned to be more open and accepting of the present circumstances. She found a deeper meaning in life by sharing her practice and seeing how other people improve their lives through yoga. She advocates spreading the awareness of the benefits of yoga.

In 2018, she came back to Rishikesh in the Himalayas – known to be the birthplace of yoga – to advance her training in Classical Hatha Yoga.

Read her blog: http://yogaleona.com

Flow into Freedom is a private yoga class, practice consultation and mentoring session that will help you design a practice that considers your personal anatomy, interests and goals.

We understand the need for an accessible personalized private yoga classes in Metro Manila. Our calendar is open from September 10 to 21. Book a personal consultation and mentoring session in Bodhi Yoga Center Quezon City branch now.

A yoga practice designed for you!

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