Course Outline

Hatha + Vinyasa 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Course Outline:

Techniques, Training and Practice

  • This module consists of all the theory and practice sessions for safely learning asana, pranayama, kriya, bandha and meditation.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

  • This module revisits the ancient roots of modern yoga. Popular yogic texts shall be discussed in context and contrast with the modern world.
  • Lifestyle of yogis and ethics of yoga teachers shall also be discussed in detail.

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

  • This module tackles the structure and function of the human body, particularly the relationship of the breath and the spine in different physical movements.
  • This course distinguishes yoga practice from calisthenics or gymnastics by emphasizing the incorporation of breath, movement and mindfulness. In this module, the relationship of the subtle energies to the physical body shall also be discussed.

Teaching Methodology & The Yoga Profession

  • Teaching Methodology module takes on different elements of teaching such as creating a safe space for self-exploration, crafting sequences of asanas and pranayama practices, cuing students in their process of refinement, offering practical guidance in meditation, and offering examples for extending the practice off the mat.
  • Find a purpose for your yoga practice and define a suitable path for your journey. Identify rewards and anticipate consequences of being a yoga teacher. Develop fundamental entrepreneurial skills to make your yoga career sustainable.


  • Experience creating and leading your own class as a yoga teacher. Offer Seva (service) to those who have no access to yoga classes otherwise. Observe peers as they teach. Give and receive constructive feedback.


Optional Post-training Internship

As a graduate of Bodhi Yoga Center’s 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program, you may be given the chance to continue learning with Bodhi Yoga Center as an Intern Yoga Teacher.

Intern yoga teachers will continuously be mentored by resident yoga teachers.

This post-training internship is the perfect opportunity to find your voice as a teacher, and to actually experience life as a yoga teacher.