60-hr Yoga Anatomy Immersion Online

The deepest principles of yoga are based on a subtle and profound appreciation of how the human system is constructed.

The subject of the study of yoga is the self, and the self dwells in a physical body

Leslie Kaminoff, co-author of Yoga Anatomy

Gain a working knowledge of Yoga Anatomy

Whether you are practicing yoga for physical health, mental relaxation or even spirituality, a working knowledge of Yoga Anatomy is highly beneficial in supporting a lifelong practice. In this course you will learn which muscles lengthen and which ones contract in foundational postures we commonly practice. You will identify the source of a limitation in a range of motion and how to properly address such limitations with postural modification or propping.

60 hours of Live Classes

To ensure an embodied approach to scientific inquiry, the 30 hours of Yoga Anatomy lectures and discussion is coupled with 30 hours of Techniques, Training and Practice. All 30 hours of anatomy lecture and 30 hours of yoga practice are done live via Zoom, in the virtual presence of a senior instructor.

Earn full Yoga Anatomy credit towards our 200-hr YTT*

When you finish this course and complete your final examination, you will earn a full credit towards our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training should you decide to pursue it in the future. This course is the same anatomy module our Teacher Training students use.

* Credit is only applicable specifically to Bodhi Yoga Center’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. It may not be used for an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training nor may it be used as transfer credits to other Registered Yoga Schools.

Course Outline:

  1. The Cell
  2. Anatomy of the Breath
  3. The Muskuloskeletal System
    1. Development of the Spine
    2. The Bones, Muscles, Joints, Ligaments, and Tendons
    3. Joint Mobility & Stability
  4. Movements of the Body
    1. Locations of Structures in the Body
    2. The Six Basic Movements
  5. The Biomechanics of Stretching
    1. Understanding Range of Motion
    2. The Physiology of Stretching
    3. Methods of Stretching
    4. Kinetic Chain
    5. Restrictions in Movement
  6. Understanding the Asanas – Alignment, Modifications and Propping
    1. Surya Namaskar and Its Variations
    2. Standing Poses in External Hip Rotation
    3. Standing Poses in Internal Hip Rotation
    4. Hip Openers
    5. Seated Forward Bends
    6. Twists
    7. Backbends
    8. Arm Balances
    9. Inversions
    10. Restorative Poses
  7. The Bandhas
    1. Mula Bandha
    2. Uddiyana Bandha
    3. Jalahandara Bandha
  8. The Body Systems and Yoga
    1. The Cardiovascular System
    2. The Respiratory System
    3. The Nervous System
    4. Yoga and the Digestive System
  9. Eastern Yoga Anatomy / The Subtle Energies
    1. The Five Koshas
    2. The Three Gunas
    3. The Five Prana Vayus
    4. The Three Major Nadis
    5. The Seven Chakras

Dates and Availability

Available with 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course dates. Yoga Anatomy is taught for the first two weeks of teacher training.

Batch 1: January 4 – 19, 2021
Batch 2: March 8 – 23, 2021
Batch 3: May 10 – 25, 2021
Batch 4: July 5 – 20, 2021

Daily Schedule: 1:00 – 3:00 PM from Monday to Saturday

Learning Investment

The course fee is Php 20,000 (USD 400). This includes all 60-hours of live classes, digital copy of recommended textbook, lifetime access to the notes, and access to the senior instructor for inquiry and consultation.

Payment Options:

  • Credit Card via Paypal
  • Bank Deposit (BPI, Union Bank or Security Bank)
  • GCash

Our Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Alumni are always welcome to revisit and sit in our online sessions. 

When the foundation is solid and supportive, the structure stands tall through the test of time. A working knowledge of anatomy will help support your yoga practice throughout life.

Leona Dinopol, Founder of Bodhi Yoga Center

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